alex murfey
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Creativity and positive change are inextricably linked. While working for AmeriCorps NCCC, I documented my team's daily efforts in the field to compile a portrait of what domestic national service can mean.

These videos are far from the full picture of an AmeriCorps service commitment. To briefly capture how fulfilling and fun (and often frustrating) this work can be was the goal.

But our work was never about us. Though AmeriCorps NCCC is on the federal government's chopping block, the program has returned over $100 million in tax savings to low-income Americans and even returns an average $4 to American communities for every $1 spent (of AmeriCorps budget).

Defending this program and its mission is also my aim, via these videos.

NCCC is the National Civilian Community Corps, a modern descendent of the Civilian Conservation Corps.